a new startup idea

I’m sure this idea isn’t original. It’s too obvious. In fact, I’d bet money that somebody is already doing it.

Consolidate the social networks. Write a nice abstract social network layer, and connect all the data into one large, meta, …social internet.

Wired predicts that in 2007, if this doesn’t happen, the social networks will start to die. People just can’t keep up with all their different profiles, and having some connections here and others there.

It’s a great spot to start a startup, so go forth and prosper! I’m too busy to do it, but if I was a poor student I’d be all over this. Maybe if you’re smart enough I’ll invest in you.

how to make a gazillion in the market

It’s easy! This ad makes it plain as day:

advertisement for brookshire raw materials fund

20.28% omfg!!! Over 7 years!!! and the last 3 years are way better than that! Since we all know that the past 3 years’ performance is the best indication of future performance, this is a clear buy.

And they use fancy industry terms like “Basis Points” and “Sharpe ratio”.. clearly they know what they doing!

All this for a measly 1% of my money! I’m sold!

This ad appeared in a magazine for financial professionals. Does that not seem completely insane?


Potentially a neat idea:


This site lets you look at home values in your area. It already surprised me to see how prices were in my area.

Needs work on the map interface and the firefox support.

And what a wierd name.. wtf is a zillow?

Ah, here we go:

Why “Zillow”?

Once they hatched their idea, they needed a name. “Zillow” evolved from the desire to make zillions of data points for homes accessible to everyone. But a home is about more than data – it is where you lay your head to rest at night, like a pillow. Thus, “Zillow” was born. They knew they had a winning name when employees began talking in Z-language and newly-minted words starting with “Z” popped up everywhere (e.g., Zestimate?, Zindex?).