The growing divide

There’s a growing divide between people who have bitcoin, and people who don’t have bitcoin.

Whatever the reason for getting into bitcoin—speculation, a hedge, because it’s cool technology—those that have it increasingly find themselves on a divergent continent, sliding further and further away from those on the other side.

There’s a vast wealth transfer taking place. The wealth is transferring from the status-quo wealthy to those who have bitcoin. All that matters is if your brain is capable of carrying you to the place where you begin owning bitcoin. Previous qualities that lead to wealth are fading away and becoming less and less important in comparison. It matters less and less whether you were born into a good country, whether your parents were wealthy, whether you work hard or are smarter than your peers (unless being smarter leads you to buy bitcoin).

Those who own bitcoin tend to start seeing the world in a different way. Instead of relying on institutions and authorities, we realize that we don’t have to — we can help ourselves instead. Those who don’t own bitcoin, and don’t get it, start to sound like a cacophony that is gradually fading into irrelevance.

Thankfully this divide doesn’t impact those at the bottom of the economic ladder, other than to provide them an opportunity to grab a rung by buying a little bit of bitcoin. Those who don’t have assets don’t have anything to lose, or have transferred away from them. However, on the other side of the transition, workers will probably do a lot better.