It might be important

If inflation is a thing, not a fad
And your money buys less (unless you address the mess with finesse)
If the dollar is declining and the monetary masterminds can’t correct the course
Because the source is empty, and even expert overseers can’t fake physics
If supply shortages sustain and credibility in currency collapses

It might be important.

If the debt is so high that you can say goodbye to the lie
You think you’re getting paid back? You’re a fool
The whole system is a tool to make you gruel and it’s cruel
You have no choice and no voice until somebody shows you nine pages
It’s up to you to figure it out, be reborn, see a unicorn

It might be hard.

If the system seems unstable and unable to provide for the providers
Let alone the lonely workers whose livelihood is robbed like inverse robin hood
All this madness which has been endlessly spun since 1971
If the end was in sight and there might be a light
Would you recognize it?

It’s hard to believe that the solution to all this moral pollution might be a simple substitution
Replacing billion trillion with 21 million and the end of Cantillon
Letting the cards collapse from continuous and copious corner-cutting
Laying a foundation capable of sustaining a society of sovereigns for centuries if not millenia

might be important

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