About the name ‘phauna’

Do a google search for ‘phauna’, and this site is the #1 hit (woot!). The #2 hit, however, is Internet Security Systems’ definition of the term as something to do with virusy wormy trojany software. This site, however, isn’t about that at all.

Way back in high school, I played a lot of computer games. For reasons I can’t really remember exactly, I always signed on with the handle “WarChicken”, and sometimes “PeaceCow”. WarChicken came first, and I guess PeaceCow was there for diversity’s sake. I think the Cow/Chicken duality might have something to do with this cartoon my little brother was into.

In college I started getting into linux, and I found out that I could run a server that did neat stuff on the internet. Stuff like host web pages, and email accounts, and shell access. I could even do all this with the crappy box under my desk. At various points I had multiple servers, so that I could dual-boot one into windows for game playing, or so I could use one as a server and one as a desktop, or whatever. In linux, the name of a computer is important, so I named mine “warchicken” and “peacecow”.

One day I decided to get a domain name, so that people could type something simple into their browser to find my server. After some thinking, I decided to go with something that unified the names I had been using, but I also wanted it to be sufficiently geeky because, well, I’m a geek. Thus the domain ‘phauna.org’ was born, in reference to warchicken and peacecow, which are animals which is kinda like fauna which when spelled more crazy is phauna.

At various points since then, I’ve had some more names under the phauna banner. At one point there was “swisspig”; the swiss are always neutral. I think xwjl came up with that one — he certainly did the ascii art that was displayed on login. There has also been “wanderingdonkey”, which was a really crappy box that I just played around with, and a laptop named “lovebird”.

And that’s basically the whole story. So no, this site is not a hacker/phisher site, it’s mostly a personal server (currently the web/email server is peacecow, and warchicken’s my desktop at home) that happens to have a totally sweet name. So if I’m on any terrorist lists out there, well, I don’t belong :).

  |    |                 
  |    |            (__) 
  |    |            (oo) 
  |    |     /-------\/  
  |    |    / |     ||   
  |    |   *  ||----||   
  |    \______^^____^^___
  |     _________________
  |    /                 
  |    |                 
  |    |                 
  |    |                 
  |    |                 
  |    |                 
  |    |                 
  |    |                 
 /      \       
      \    __//   /
     -    \ \/ /   -
       ,__/    \
     -  \- WAR! )   -
    / _____|_|____  \
           " "

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