On not taking sides

I’ve donated to Ron Paul, and now I get letters all the time from right-wing organizations asking for money.

The latest one is Judicial Watch, some organization saying that we have to fight Obama’s “rampant corruption” and “compulsive secrecy”.. which rings some bells related to the Bush administration, but they certainly don’t mention that.

I guess they’re playing off people’s pre-programmed fears, ones that were implanted from years of veg’ing in front of the TV.

But these organizations don’t comprehend me at all, so their battle cries don’t begin to reach me. To me, the Ron Paul movement isn’t about Right vs Left, and it’s certainly not about “ousting Obama at all costs”, an attitude which by definition leads to sacrificing everything you stand for. It’s not even about winning an election, or having political power.

It’s about reshaping the conception of government. It’s about remembering that government serves the people, not the other way around. It’s about being humble enough to speak out for the truth, whether or not it agrees with one’s own political “profile”. In fact, if Ron Paul weren’t willing to call out the massively erroneous and hypocritical record of the Republican party, I wouldn’t support him.

In spite of what it may look like to these right wing organizations, I’m not a republican (or democrat), conservative (or liberal), on the right (or the left); I’m beyond even a “libertarian” at this point.

So many of these organizations want to make it out like Us vs Them. Our team versus theirs. Blue vs Red. A horse-race. Or an “epic struggle”. Whatever.

I won’t take sides, because I have no enemies; I have only friends. We’re all on the same team, we all ultimately want the same things; the challenge is not to win power, or even change people’s minds.. but to uncover the truth, to reveal how we’re all on the same page in the first place.

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