burning through revealed

fire is three
but fire is
more funda mental

than three and
love is the
root of fire

heart burning brightest
the deep red
fire burns through:


I burn through your reality and mine
tow long will you burn?
and how bright?
I melt you down to your essence
burning through “I can’t” to reveal “I won’t”
the shell crispens and falls off exposing your FEAR
to the intense HEAT
where your ACTION can allow it to rest in peace

what ARE you afraid of my deAR?

give it to the fire

(fire teaches us that sometimes we’re being a little too careful)

the fire watches you with
wild smiling eyes
as it dances onward upward
as it burns down
asking you “why?”
“just what makes you so sure?”
it giggles, chuckles at my sincerity

“Oh flame!” you-I cry
“How many perpetually perfect pieces of wood will you burn through with indifference?”
flashy grin “as many as you feed me”

heart pumping
blood boiling
burning bile

clean and free
empty as a wisp of smoke

Intelligence as a heirarchy

There is a funny idea out there that intelligence is a heirarchy: There are more intelligent beings and less intelligent beings. This idea is just a harmless idea on it’s own. But, sometimes it’s combined with the idea that the “more intelligent” beings ought to dictate to the “less intelligent” beings how to live their lives. Before we accept this notion, it’s worth stepping back a minute to see what sort of ground we’re standing on with our notion of “more intelligent.”

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let’s get lazy and eat plants

How much effort does it take to grow a bushel of corn? You have to plow the field, plant, maybe water if your area is dry, weed, and harvest. After a year’s tending, you might get 150 bushels on an acre of land.

How much effort does it take to grow a cow? First, you have to grow maybe 500 bushels of corn to feed to the cow. Then you need to come up with around 8000 gallons of water to feed to the cow. Then, you are faced with the task of tending to all the needs of your growing cow until it is large enough to kill for food.

Why go to all the extra effort when it’s not necessary?

Come on people, let’s get lazy and eat plants.

tossed in

I feel like I was tossed into this world unprepared. I was taught by my surroundings that I had to earn the right to be myself. Forced to go to school or face grave consequences, scared into going to college or face grave consequences, scared into working hard for money so that someday I can actually be free to be myself! It’s struggle, struggle, fight, and win. Except it’s all wrong.

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fun story

A friend of mine wrote this little gem:

We make contact with an alien civilization. Our sensors detect they’ll arrive at earth in just a few hours time, but they send us an advance message. Our scientists receive it but nobody understands, it’s an audio recording in some kind of strange language. Sure enough, a lone translator finally decodes it with minutes to spare and delivers the message to the President.

“Thousands of years ago our ancestors crash-landed on your planet. They managed to send off a distress signal before they lost all power and once we heard we set a course for your planet at maximum speed, although we predict nearly 10,000 of your solar cycles have gone by since the distress signal was sent. Anyway, we’ve scanned your planet for traces of our ancestors but find only faint signal, as if they’ve been stamped out. What happened to them? We require answers.”

The President and his cabinet scratch their heads for a bit, confused. Finally the President turns to the translator and asks: “How did you decode this message so fast?”

“Oh, it was simple”, says the translator. “Turns out they speak Cherokee.”