who’s dead in the long run?

The long run is a misleading guide to current affairs. In the long run we are all dead.
– John Maynard Keynes

Many modern economists, including fed chair Ben Bernanke, basically believe in the validity of Keynesian economics — particularly the bit about the government intervening in the economy (through the federal reserve or debt spending) to mitigate perceived boom and bust cycles.

While in the long run you and I are clearly dead, our progeny are not. How good do you feel about mortgaging the economic future of our progeny? How good do you feel about it in the short run? I feel about as good about it as I do about stealing food from a baby.

So yes, we can quip a cute soundbite about the mortality of man, and use it to justify a flawed economic policy, bit is this really the sort of argument we want running our economy?

apples! (day 1)

And then everything was apples!

Life has sped up by a factor of four or so. While my energy level is still low, because, well, it’s a fast; I feel more energetic, if only psychologically.

Instead of ruminating, thinking about stuff, I just want to DO things. Sugar high!?



I’ve had 6 apples so far today, and I think I’ll munch one more before bed.


the world is a coop mmorpg

We’re all unique. Everyone has a different combination of race/background/skills.

We’re all on the same team. Working towards.. whatever we want!

We’re all free. We can choose whether to play, when to play, and how and which way to play.

We can all improve. There’s always room to improve our skills or learn new ones. By practicing we can make ourselves, and hence our team, stronger.

brown rice fasting, day 2

Why am I doing this again? Before I even started, I was dubious about the wisdom of this idea. What toxins do I have to cleanse? Am I going to get any insight out of this, or just weaken my body? Probably I’ll just confirm my insight, that many people who’ve come before me seem to have figured out, that a varied diet is a good thing. Without any answers, I plunge in anyway, with gusto.

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brown rice fasting, day 1

Why oh why?

I am periodically seized by ridiculous activities that my brain doesn’t seem to want to let go of. Most recently it’s to try this brown rice fasting thing again. This past fall, I did 5 days on apples followed by 5 days on brown rice, to celebrate the transition from summer to winter (the idea being that apple-eating is more of a summer activity, and brown-rice eating is more of a winter activity). So here it is in the spring, and some little neurotic part of my brain wants to go through it again, in reverse. I succumbed.

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I’m vegan out of selfishness

People ask me “why are you vegan?” Usually it comes up because we’re going to have a meal together, or we’re not because the plan is to go out for steak, and so I’m not going. At any rate, I get asked the question from time to time, and it’s funny because I often get the sense that people who ask it are not really interested in talking about it. They are more interested in a quick soundbite they can file away and forget about it. So I usually give them “for ethical reasons,” or sometimes “because I like animals” or “for ethical and health reasons.”

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