sitting still and veganism

At the end of yoga class today, we were sitting in a brief meditation and the teacher was saying that just to sit and be with your thoughts is the hardest “pose” of all. As she said this, I was thinking “No it’s not! All those hard effortful muscular energy poses are way harder!” Then the thought occurred to me that a few years back sitting and being with my thoughts was difficult. At that time, I just wanted peace, so I would sit and see what came up that was keeping me from feeling peaceful. One of the first things that came up repeatedly was the fact that I ate animals, and I like animals! This inconsistency was eating me up inside, to the point where I had trouble sitting still. (nowadays, it’s paying taxes that keeps me from feeling a deeper peace, but that’s the subject of another article.)

I happen to know that this teacher is not vegetarian. Now, I also see that there are many reasons she may find it difficult to sit still, but could it be that the inner conflict I had about my food is one that many people have, without realizing it? According to The World Peace Diet, this is exactly what’s going on, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg: the book claims that many of our conflicts and inconsistencies are connected to our habit of eating animal foods.

I’m amazed at how deep this goes for me, and I wonder how deep it goes for others, and our society?

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