apples day 4

Approximate cost of an apple fast (organic apples): $7/day

Approximate cost of a brown rice fast (organic brown rice, bought in bulk): $1.25/day

This morning, for the first time during this whole fast (brown rice and apples), I’m appreciating the fast. Relaxing into it, I feel cleansed. Not physically, but mentally cleansed, sort of cleansed of my regular eating patterns?

I have more energy today! Enough for a short bike ride, wandering around shopping, and a yoga class. I’m full of crazy theories, like how this is due to my body adjusting to the new fuel source.

Sense of smell is super sensitive — wow! I can smell the breath of the person doing yoga next to me, and it’s not because her breath is stinky. Car exhaust too. And all the yummy food A is cooking.

7.5 apples today

And tomorrow is the last day! Any last requests? (I seem to be able to stand on my head/hands just fine still, so that one’s already filled.)

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