apples day 3

As promised, here are yesterday’s notes.

The action-orientation remains. Instead of thinkythink, weigh the consequences, decide on the One Right Decision, and then do it (Entmoot style); it’s try this way, see how it feels, then reevaluate. It feels liberating.

I’m rearranging the kitchen in late morning. As I’m doing so, I notice the diverse and wonderful array of foods we have, and appreciate them more than usual.

I’ve slowed down my apple consumption. I started out eating a lot, whenever I thought of it. Now I’m eating approximately one apple every two hours.

I remember from last time that my saliva tasted like apples. Yum! Hook me up! Except I haven’t experienced that yet this time. WTF?

Did you know that the glycemic index measures the area under the curve of your blood sugar after eating a food? So it doesn’t say anything about whether the curve is slow and smooth or spikey. And did you know that apples are lower than brown rice? I found this counterintuitive. Apples have a GI of 38 while brown rice is 55.

Apple count today: 5.5

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