brown rice fasting, day 4

Almost there!

I wake up after a restless dream, stressed. It’s one of those dreams where you’re trying to run (I was trying to catch a flight) but you can’t make your legs go any faster — they insist on just walking. In my dream, I’m thinking “why won’t by body listen to me?!” After reflection, I wonder if it’s my body’s way of saying “why won’t YOU listen to ME?”

I almost decide right then and there to end this thing. Then I remember that I had trouble sleeping on the third night of apple fasting last time, and the good stuff was just after that. Besides, I’m so close. I can’t stop NOW..

The stressful experience fades as the day goes on.

I’ve been eating medium-grain BR, but today I mix in a little long-grain BR. After all, variety is the spice of life!

I start to doubt myself that my pee smells like brown rice, after going pee and not smelling anything. So I lean a little closer (just a little!) to the bowl, and WOW, yeah, that totally smells like brown rice. It actually smells sweet to me. Yum.

From this urinary experience is born a new hypothesis. I smell BR strongly when standing up to pee. When sitting down I have to lean in towards the bowl afterwards to smell anything. What this suggests to me is that standing up to pee makes more pee go into the air, presumably from the splashing. There! I knew there would be deep insights from this fast!

While we’re on the subject of excretory bodily functions, today I officially have only brown rice in my entire GI tract. I know because.. well, let’s just say you can tell what it looks like. I guess this is about as deep as it goes, in terms of running the body on a monofood.

Tomorrow is day 5, the final day, and the beginning of my transition to apples. I’m more than ready for it to be over! My energy is declining. I served dinner for company tonight, and salad never looked yummier.

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