brown rice fasting, day 2

Why am I doing this again? Before I even started, I was dubious about the wisdom of this idea. What toxins do I have to cleanse? Am I going to get any insight out of this, or just weaken my body? Probably I’ll just confirm my insight, that many people who’ve come before me seem to have figured out, that a varied diet is a good thing. Without any answers, I plunge in anyway, with gusto.

Day 2

I am hungry upon awakening, so I eat the leftover BR from dinner. It tastes bland. As I’m chewing, I start the big pot of rice for today. I recall this being one of the joys of brown ricing — it sure is easy to decide what to eat, and to cook!

The big pot of rice for today is indeed big. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but it’s about 4 inches high in this large pot. Hard to imagine I’m going to eat all of that today!

I go to do some office work after my morning walk. My hunger is nice and even today, and my energy is too. I’m in the zone. I eat a couple more helpings throughout the morning.

In the afternoon I help myself to three large servings, and permit a little green tea to soften the acidity a bit. My teeth hurt from all this chewing! (chewing grains a lot is a principle I’ve learned from macrobiotics.)

I usually fast for a few hours before yoga so I’m stocking up on energy now. After my afternoon dinner, the pot is already dwindling!

I go pee at the yoga studio and I can smell brown rice. Sweet, I just passed the urine threshold! I’m getting in deep now.

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