brown rice fasting, day 1

Why oh why?

I am periodically seized by ridiculous activities that my brain doesn’t seem to want to let go of. Most recently it’s to try this brown rice fasting thing again. This past fall, I did 5 days on apples followed by 5 days on brown rice, to celebrate the transition from summer to winter (the idea being that apple-eating is more of a summer activity, and brown-rice eating is more of a winter activity). So here it is in the spring, and some little neurotic part of my brain wants to go through it again, in reverse. I succumbed.

Day 1 was actually yesterday, Monday. Here are my notes from yesterday:

AM – Brown rice & millet. I’m easing in, so also a little zucchini and a few leaves of kale, even a couple of bites of flax crackers, with breakfast.

It’s a pretty big pot of whole grains I’ve got here, but I’m pretty hungry this morning, residual from my hard workout yesterday. I eat a whole lot of it for breakfast.

12:30 – Wow, that knocked me out. I napped for over an hour. Maybe it makes sense — I’ve been following much more of a thrive diet lately, not so macrobiotic, so I’ve been eating more high-net-gain foods and not so much whole grains. Then I throw this big loaf of hard digestive work at my system all of a sudden, and thwak is the result!

After a little lunch (leftover BR/millet from this morning), I’m puttering around, pretty low energy.

Afternoon – As I take a walk around the neighborhood, I’m on a cloud. My mood is steady, impenetrably concentrated. I am inside myself fully, and when I peer outside, everything looks new. It’s fun. I feel like writing profound statements, so I twiddle a few around in my mind, and eventually on paper:
“The mind contains loops. When each iteration brings more joy, I am in heaven.”
“To be free of your inferiority, you must let go of your superiority.” Borderline nonsense, but it sure is fun!

Dinnertime! – A little kale with my rice (a fresh pot) at dinner, as a last gasp of variety before plunging fully monofood tomorrow.

After dinner. I have enough energy to clean the house, but it’s a slow, steady energy. No running and jumping here. But I feel like I could walk at a moderate pace forever. I’m curious how yoga will be tomorrow.

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