If you want me to go away as fast as possible:

Tell me how difficult life is for everyone,
How disappointed you are with yours,
How impossible it is to get what you want.
And when I protest, tell me to get real.

If you want me to stay and half-listen
with eyes glazed over
as I daydream about breakfast:

Tell me about how wonderful life is
For somebody else;
And without so many words
Imply that your life is ordinary,
And that only shooting stars break the mold,
And that’s just how things have to be.

If you want me to brighten
and lean in with rapt attention
so as not to miss a word:

Tell me about your biggest dreams
And how you’re going to achieve them
And about the future of wonder and joy that awaits you.

If you want me to bubble over with excitement
and keep coming back for more:

Engage me in a conversation
Where we share our biggest dreams
And discuss how we’re going to work together.

If you want my admiration
without limit
now and forever forward:

Take action with me
Side by side
Creating the world of our dreams.

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