apples day 5 (final)

It would be interesting, next time, to keep some stats as I go through the fast: weight, pH of bodily fluids, blood sugar, cholesterol etc. I wonder how much interesting stuff you can measure by yourself at home with a kit from the drugstore?.

Also next time I’m going to use something more in season — for springtime, greens?

In the afternoon, as I consider what to start mixing in to diversify my diet again, I get this bittersweet goodbye feeling. Life lesson: even that which is the source of struggle while it’s here is missed when it’s time to say goodbye. So might as well appreciate it while it’s here!

I had 5 apples today, and broke the fast with a few veggies and grains at dinner.

apples day 4

Approximate cost of an apple fast (organic apples): $7/day

Approximate cost of a brown rice fast (organic brown rice, bought in bulk): $1.25/day

This morning, for the first time during this whole fast (brown rice and apples), I’m appreciating the fast. Relaxing into it, I feel cleansed. Not physically, but mentally cleansed, sort of cleansed of my regular eating patterns?

I have more energy today! Enough for a short bike ride, wandering around shopping, and a yoga class. I’m full of crazy theories, like how this is due to my body adjusting to the new fuel source.

Sense of smell is super sensitive — wow! I can smell the breath of the person doing yoga next to me, and it’s not because her breath is stinky. Car exhaust too. And all the yummy food A is cooking.

7.5 apples today

And tomorrow is the last day! Any last requests? (I seem to be able to stand on my head/hands just fine still, so that one’s already filled.)

sitting still and veganism

At the end of yoga class today, we were sitting in a brief meditation and the teacher was saying that just to sit and be with your thoughts is the hardest “pose” of all. As she said this, I was thinking “No it’s not! All those hard effortful muscular energy poses are way harder!” Then the thought occurred to me that a few years back sitting and being with my thoughts was difficult. At that time, I just wanted peace, so I would sit and see what came up that was keeping me from feeling peaceful. One of the first things that came up repeatedly was the fact that I ate animals, and I like animals! This inconsistency was eating me up inside, to the point where I had trouble sitting still. (nowadays, it’s paying taxes that keeps me from feeling a deeper peace, but that’s the subject of another article.)

I happen to know that this teacher is not vegetarian. Now, I also see that there are many reasons she may find it difficult to sit still, but could it be that the inner conflict I had about my food is one that many people have, without realizing it? According to The World Peace Diet, this is exactly what’s going on, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg: the book claims that many of our conflicts and inconsistencies are connected to our habit of eating animal foods.

I’m amazed at how deep this goes for me, and I wonder how deep it goes for others, and our society?

apples day 3

As promised, here are yesterday’s notes.

The action-orientation remains. Instead of thinkythink, weigh the consequences, decide on the One Right Decision, and then do it (Entmoot style); it’s try this way, see how it feels, then reevaluate. It feels liberating.

I’m rearranging the kitchen in late morning. As I’m doing so, I notice the diverse and wonderful array of foods we have, and appreciate them more than usual.

I’ve slowed down my apple consumption. I started out eating a lot, whenever I thought of it. Now I’m eating approximately one apple every two hours.

I remember from last time that my saliva tasted like apples. Yum! Hook me up! Except I haven’t experienced that yet this time. WTF?

Did you know that the glycemic index measures the area under the curve of your blood sugar after eating a food? So it doesn’t say anything about whether the curve is slow and smooth or spikey. And did you know that apples are lower than brown rice? I found this counterintuitive. Apples have a GI of 38 while brown rice is 55.

Apple count today: 5.5

hot lovin

I step out the back door, strip off my shirt
sometimes I strip more if noone’s around
my lover caresses my naked skin
a gentle warm touch but never a sound

a few billion others she touched today
traveling the world from east to the west
yet I have a secret, others can’t say:
of all her lovers she loves me the best