from a sick day, and a rug

And so King Goat and the two Dancers
set out from the Center of Things.
The Center of Things: that wheel
of creation and destruction
perfection of balance and symmetry and harmony

“We are here!” spoke King Goat.
“Dance my lovelies, among flower and bush!”
And so they leap’d and flowed all about the gardens
protected by the safety of the Wall.

Now at that time there were two walls
for the Designer felt that two
were safer than one.
And beyond the second wall was the Void
that great expanse of nothingness and Chaos.

And so it was between the two walls that evil lurked.
With bright red eyes and a black cloak
the falconriders awoke
and let loose a great pealing scream
for they were hungry
and the music from across the wall was pure beauty
which they despised.

“Let us fly across the wall,” one hissed.
“And feast on Goat and Dancer.”
And so with a great beating of wings
they rose above the inner Wall and descended
towards garden, Goat, and Center of Things.


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