“happiness is not my goal”

It appears to be commonplace among the do-gooders of the world to think this. But I’m unable to make this pass basic sanity checks. Check my reasoning?

Premise: happiness is not my goal.
Assumption: I have some goals. Let’s simplify and talk about only one of them.

Why reach for my non-happiness goal? When I am working towards my non-happiness goal, I feel _____. When I am not, I feel _______. Therefore, the reason I have my non-happiness goal is because I want to feel ______.

Am I missing something here?

One thought on ““happiness is not my goal””

  1. I’ve recently realized that I have three goals.
    Happiness is at the top and primary.
    Goal number two: Contentment
    Goal number three: Connecting to Nature (for me this seems to make happiness and contentment easier)

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