the game of life

Have you ever been addicted to a video game?

A role playing game, perhaps? Or a difficult action game? You want to
solve it perfectly, play it perfectly. Get the best score, get the
strongest item, complete the hardest quest, maximize your experience

How many hours of concentration have you put in? How massively much
positive energy have you poured in? Honing your brain solving puzzles,
sacrificing dinner to play an extra 30 minutes..

Your energy for the game is nearly boundless. It is monumental,

Yet outside the game, ordinary life, reality, sets in and disappoints.
Real life sucks, you say. Perhaps there’s too much irrationality,
arbitrary rules, pain, or emotions. Perhaps you’re broke and working a
dead-end job. Perhaps your girlfriend is ugly.

All the while, inside the game you’re able to push, in a massively
positive way, for perfection.

What if..

You found a way to harness that inner energy you have for the game,
change the energy not at all, but simply slightly change it’s
direction, it’s focal point. What if you found a way to turn your life
into a game? You start by figuring out how to score the game: more
pleasure and happy feelings = positive points, more pain and sadness =
negative points. Now your task is simply to maximize your score.

Impossible, you say? Too many things are out of your control?

But isn’t your own happiness is in your control? After all, people have learned to find happiness in much more dire circumstances than yours.

Maybe being unhappy simply means you need to go back and work on your game-of-life technique some more.

I challenge you to a game of have-a-kick-ass-lifetime!

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