Paradise, part six of seven

VI. The social butterfly.

A group of women are gathered around a round table. They are drinking tea and eating cake. They are dressed up.

One of the women is telling a story to the others: “–and *he* was wearing his bathrobe, right there at the party! Oh, how funny! And his poor wife was so embarassed that she–” she continues on, making small-talk which seems to entertain her and the others to no end.

“What could be more wonderful than to be always surrounded by friends? And there are always parties to go to!” She beams at the other women. They respond with picture-perfect smiles of adoration and jealousy.

She whispers: “It’s always been like this, and I just know it always will be! Everyone wishes they were me. That’s because I’m so beautiful, and social. And it all comes naturally to me, I have never had to try!”

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