Paradise, part four of seven

IV. The Academics.

An old man and a young man are huddled in a small study, surrounded by books. There are shelves from floor to ceiling on all sides, filled with books. Smoke wafts throughout the room from the old man’s pipe.

“Knowledge. So much. All the things you could ever want to know,” says the younger man.

The older man chimes in. “And don’t you forget it! Knowledge is power. Knowledge is everything. Whenever I have a question, I look it up in a book. Or, if I’m down, I read a book to cheer me up. Or, if I’m bored, I read a book to give me something to do. This young whippersnapper here, though, all he needs is his iPoo whatever, and he doesn’t even read any books! Kids these days. Whew! Well, anyways..” he trails off as he loses his attention back into his book.

“Whenever *I* need to know something, it’s right here at my fingertips. The young man says proudly.. Look–just that easy! What do you want to know–I know it! C’mon, ask away!” then something on his iPod takes his attention and he trails off: “..everything! I.. know everything.. isn’t it wonderful?”

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