Paradise, part one of seven

I. Chocolate.
Three teenagers are sitting in a courtyard. They are all eating chocolate. There are shelves surrounding them, filled with more chocolate bars. They are all slim.

“Isn’t.. mmph.. this.. mmph.. wonderful?” the youngest one says between mouthfuls. “When I started eating the chocolate, I was worried that I would get sick or it would make me fat. But then they told me it was special chocolate that doesn’t have any side effects.” He gestures at the older two. “So we can eat as much as we like! Now it’s all I want to do! It’s all I want to do. MMmph..”

The next oldest one agrees emphatically as he licks his fingers. “All I want! Yummmm….”

The oldest has a glazed look in his eyes and mumbles something incoherent through mouthfuls.

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