Everything is interconnected.
Flowing, dancing, all around us.

This We must remember. It is our duty to One Another.
We must strive to annhilate ourselves, as such:
our selfishness
our egos
our self-serving instincts.

When Everyone is doing their part–
doing their best
giving their all, to All
–We are all happier, We are all better off.


if We diminish ourselves–
cheat ourselves
lie to ourselves
destroy ourselves
–we diminish Everyone.
if we destroy our own potential,
we diminish the potential of All.

each of us knows what we need
each of us must honor our needs
in order to cultivate our potential
so that we can best serve All.

each of us must work;
trusting in ourselves,
to eliminate fear.
giving to ourselves,
to grow stronger.
so that we can give more
and yet more.

nobody else can tell us what we need
we must each learn that for ourselves
and insist that we get it
and accept no substitute.

for the good of All, we each must be…


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