can’t get any shittier

Don’t ever think “it can’t get any shittier than this”. It can.

I was out on a night ride tonight, passion flaring after a highly emotional afternoon. Wandering through a sketchy neighborhood in Jersey City, far from home, I passed by some kids. Suddenly a plastic bag floated out in front of me, then thunk, it landed right on my front tire by the brake. I slowed and stopped. The plastic bag had broken by then, and I discovered it was full of shit. And fresh, smelly shit.

The kids were silent as I managed to wiggle the remains of the bag free and let it fall to the pavement. As I rode away without saying a word, I think one of them said “sorry”. I don’t even think they meant to hit me.

The shit was caked all over the brake, and it got all over my front tire. It had also splashed on my legs and shirt.

So be careful next time you have a shitty day, and remember, it could get shittier. Literally.

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