night at the grocery

I go to the grocery in the afternoon. Organic produce section. Loads of plums and peaches, without clear pricing as usual. I load up on both, head to the dairy section, then checkout. When I get my receipt: organic plums, $1.49/lb. I got 3.53 lb for only $5.26. 16 plums. Sweet! I have to go back and really load up, and freeze ’em for the off season!

It’s 11:50pm, and I’m outside the apartment bringing the bike inside. Wait, I was going to get those plums! Thank God I live in America, the grocery is bound to be open.

Cool breeze washes over me as I zoom to the grocery store. Forget locking up the bike, there’s nobody here to steal it at this hour. Peek at the hours: what’s this? Closes at midnight? That leaves me 5 minutes. Go inside, hand on the shopping basket, vector planned: straight to plums, then checkout line. “Attention shoppers, the store is now closing, please head to checkout.” I’ll only need a minute to fill up a bag and head to checkout, but wait—dang! no wallet.


Tomorrow, plums, you shall be mine!

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