how strong are you?

are you ready to go crazy? what does that mean? how about letting go of your inhibitions and letting the nonsense that’s inside flow on out? you’re just a transient quantum energy bubble anyway, so why take yourself so seriously? your existence is because of a whole bunch of random events. logic and reason make no sense.

you’re just a crazy fuck that can neither love or be loved; too selfish, not to mention crazy. can you write crazy and not be crazy? apart is together. war is peace. freedom is slavery.

how about Cincinnati? predictable? less lonely for sure. lonely. maybe that’s all there is to togetherness, and it doesn’t really matter who what or when, just love the one you’re with, Stephen Stills. why wait? today you are alive, right now you feel how you do, and there’s no telling how you’ll feel tomorrow.

oh wait. cause & effect. it sure seems to exist. sometimes it can even be harnessed into happiness. but is it just an illusion? swim around in random bullshit goo of “how i feel right now” or submit to a greater external framework of cause & effect? cause & effect: hurt (cause) implies various defensive measures (effect), such as fight or flight. can random goo and cause & effect both and neither exist? just somewhere in between? isn’t that just saying that random goo wins? Shinji-kun!

and so, punk, sometimes it seems like freedom exists, and you’d better step up to the fucking plate and take some responsibility. don’t be a dick. look in from the outside once in a fucking while. if you decide cause & effect doesn’t exist, that’s fine but you’d better be ready for the effects of that decision. or maybe not, cheater.

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