if this were your last day on earth

If this were your last day on earth, how would you go about relating to people, what would you tell your family, what risks would you take?

This is a quote from my current hero Eunice Chen on facebook (hope it’s okay that I link here Eunice!). It’s powerful stuff.

Especially for me. I’m an investor by nature, often thinking/planning for some distant future, or even just the next thing or the next day. Perhaps I’m selling water down by the river, and in 40 years I’ll realize that my efforts are entirely without merit.

I guess I can’t take the quote too seriously, though. If I took risks like it were my last day on earth, my last day on earth would probably be much sooner :). And there’s a certain type of satisfaction that can’t be had without giving patience and diligence over a long period of time.

But there’s something to be learned by asking yourself that question, at different stages in your life. It certainly poked holes in my reality.

Update: Eunice pointed out that she actually didn’t write it and it’s from some blog.

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