vegetarian sneak attack

Our family consumes a lot of cheese. Before I was vegetarian, we used to buy big loafs of cheese from BJs and consume a couple a week. Nowadays, I buy a whole bunch of these tiny little 8oz cheese blocks that cost a fortune. Furthermore, they cost more than most of the other cheeses of the same size, because I’m buying Cabot. Why? Simply because I’m a softie, and the cheese package says this little bit:

Contains no animal rennet.

I like to think of my actions as part of a great vegetarian sneak attack on the cheese industry. Through the power of our consumer demand, we’ll have big loafs of vegetarian cheese yet!

On going to Africa

The other month an old friend from high school contacted me via facebook. I hadn’t communicated with her for 8 or 9 years. Anyway, we only messaged once; but I got a chance to look at her profile (and she probably looked at mine). Hers had this interesting bit about how she’s going to Africa to volunteer with her church. Which got me thinking, because this sort of idea is interesting to me.

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