Google feedback?

Google likes to talk about how they’re user-oriented, and this back-and-forth is how they make their software projects happen:

User feedback is always an important part of our product development process […]


But what I want to know is, for general feedback, how do you give it to them? They certainly don’t make it easy to give feedback on their more established services. For example, here are two bits of feedback I would give:

  • In google groups, you can only create 5 groups, and then you get the following message:

    You may not create any more groups at this time. Please try again later.

    When should I try again? I have no idea. I did a google search and found a few other people who were saying they had waited 72+ hours and still unable to create more groups.

    The message is a dead-end, leaving you knowhere to go and no idea how long to wait.

    This is almost scary enough to get me to try a different groups service, as I need 15-odd groups.

  • iGoogle is google’s new name for their personalized home page. I think this name is too marketing-department-and-internet-bubble-esque.

Being the good web 2.0 citizen that I am, I’d like to tell google about these experiences but I don’t know (and can’t figure out) how to provide feedback. If google’s model is truly centered around the user experience, they are making a big mistake by not encouraging feedback flow more actively.

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