xootr customer service for teh win!

I have a xootr mg. It’s a love-hate relationship; it’s a great ride, but it breaks in one way or another fairly frequently.

On the latest break, two screws wiggled loose and got lost. The scooter still rides but the handlebar clamp is loose and probably won’t stay on forever in this state. I sent xootr service the following email:

To: service@xootr.com
Subject: need little screws for handlebar clamp


My xootr has lost the screws that live inside the handlebar clamp. I
don't need or want to change the entire clamp, but I need the two
screws that go in the front. I've attached a picture to describe what
I'm talking about. Can I buy just those from you?


What sort of response would you expect from your favorite merchant? I was thinking of one of two things: either “please buy an entire new handlebar clamp kit” ($20 plus shipping, IIRC), or “okay, that’ll be x dollars”. The actual response follows:

Subject: RE: need little screws for handlebar clamp


Let me have your address and I will send some immediately.



Radical. I like small companies, and I like companies that respect their customers. Yay Xootr.

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