is more egotism really what we need from our leaders?

Governor Richardson of New Mexico says he’s running for President in 2008. Good for him. His statements:

Most importantly, I can bring this country together. I’m a negotiator. I’ve brought countries together, closer, on peace treaties. I’ve rescued Americans, hostages and servicemen. What we have right now is an opportunity to deal with major issues that really are dividing this country. I have the experience, I’ve been in Iraq, I’ve negotiated with Saddam Hussein. I was secretary of energy, I increased energy efficient in our country,” he said. “I’ve been a governor, I created 86,000 jobs in four years, I’ve cut taxes, I’ve brought economic growth to our state, I’ve made our schools better. I’ve got the strongest record on the environment and dealing with clean energy and fighting global warming,” Richardson said.

“A lot of people give speeches on these issues. I’ve actually done it.”

Ah yes, and by the way, I also invented the internet, proved the Reimann hypothesis, ended poverty, and created world peace.

The man clearly has a problem with his ego. Regardless of what his actual record is, anyone who talks themselves up like that is not getting my vote. It demonstrates a pretty severe lack of humility and perspective, both of which we need badly in our leadership.

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