tax season strikes again

H&R Block, a company whose primary business is preparing people’s tax returns, screwed up their own taxes! The income tax is so confusing that even tax experts don’t understand it. One more reason to support fundamental tax reform, such as the fairtax.

Oh well, back to H&R Block’s website to work on my taxes..

2 thoughts on “tax season strikes again”

  1. Man, you need to quit posting boring political crap and post some sweet personal stories 😛

    P.S. What is qxzn?

    P.P.S. The “Link” header image is roxor..

  2. Sorry about that, I’ll work on getting more juicy personal stories on here. It’s just not like me to share too much personal crap with the entire world.

    qxzn is just an alias to separate my name from my blog. I can’t tell you how qxzn was chosen because that would make it less mysterious :P.

    Indeed the “Link” header image is roxor!

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