The Sketch Guide

Super geeky, and highly entertaining:

the (final fantasy iii/vi) sketch guide!

This guy makes an entire FAQ devoted to what is basically the worst ability in the game. And he isn’t afraid to admit it. In fact, he talks about it like it’s a red-headed step child.

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

See, if Blitz is the popular jock all shallow people love, if SwdTech is the bitch without any real qualities who is adored for her looks and if Rage is the scrawny kid with glasses few people like to talk to who’ll later make more money than the rest of class ’96 combined, Sketch is the poor kid who, besides being lactose-intolerant, suffering from asthma AND having the worst case of acne known to Western science, lacks any kind of charm, quality or potential.

One thought on “The Sketch Guide”

  1. I like the part about Relm being the sexiest person in the game 🙂

    Seriously, i should dig up FF3 and an emulator one of these days. I’ve been missing my rpg/adventure quota since i finished Doukutsu Monogatari, and there’s no shortage of classics like FF3 that i never actually played through.

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