my reason

My reason is always
in my pocket.

I share freely.

Revealed you see
but one aspect;

abiding love for you, stranger

that is my reason.


  1. Understand reason as a inner graph allow us interact with reasonable safety in determined environment. However, reality is nothing but pure interpretation of a organic brain.

    Interactions are all with one flow. Connections. Subjectivity is also reason. Didactically, this is wrong. That's exact the point: who knows if our reason is not wrong, anyway?

    Let me try:

    My reason is always
    in you.

    I hold myself back
    staring at the mirror.

    Do you move
    when I move?


  2. When I wrote this I was actually thinking of "my reason" as in "my reason why", rather than "my faculty of reason". Either way, I'm glad to see it got you thinking :).

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