as a matter of fact

the view from up top
is hahaho.
how many times
have I thought that I know?

as a matter of fact
just one eternity ago
I wrote as if top
had distangled below

right makes right, and
wrong makes wrong
come sit me by
and I'll sing you a song

of nextyesterverse, and
her passion for me.
--good under-bye-over--
now begins to see!


the source

In touch with the source of things
I know who wrote the laws of physics
we rewrite them together every day
To walk on water is no great thing
I eat rainbows for breakfast
Sex, masturbation, and chastity are one and the same

If I awake tomorrow
to three suns
and penguins climbing purple trees outside
If I sit by a life-sized grasshopper with antlers
and bathe in liquid uranium
before retiring between the 4th and 5th dimensions
It would be a day like every other