thoughts are deep on Saturdays
reaching far and wide
some bring pain and suffering
and some bring the divine

when I sit to breathe with them
and watch them whizzing by
I ask whoever's driving them
"Who taught YOU how to fly!?"

I spend some time wrestling myself
until I learn at last
that I can just let them run wild
while I enjoy breakfast!


happiness is

happiness is!


the Chinese man

the Chinese man
has a pleasant
round face
and he smiles in the sun
as he explains the tensions
between China
and Tiawan


the German man

the German man
is certain that
the answers are in the details

FHA Reform Act of 2010

Recent House Votes:
FHA Reform Act of 2010
Vote Passed (406-4, 21 Not Voting)

The House passed this bill that would allow the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to
raise premiums for mortgage insurance, with the intent of boosting its dwindling reserves.
The bill now goes to the Senate.

Rep. Albio Sires voted

It sounds like the government is running a business, and whenever they want to make a business decision (like raising prices to increase reserves), they have to take a vote!


the woman leading the meditation

the woman leading the meditation
speaks with sadness
about happy things


freedom fighter?

freedom fighter?
only do it
if you can smile
--if it brings a smile!
any other way is a contradiction in terms


can you point to the spot?

when I have a thought
to move my toe

where does it end existence as a thought
and become reborn as an action?

can you point to the spot?

so what's the difference between thought and action?

If there is none, then my actions are only limited by my thoughts. And I sure do have a wild imagination! So look out, world!


"happiness is not my goal"

It appears to be commonplace among the do-gooders of the world to think this. But I'm unable to make this pass basic sanity checks. Check my reasoning?

Premise: happiness is not my goal.
Assumption: I have some goals. Let's simplify and talk about only one of them.

Why reach for my non-happiness goal? When I am working towards my non-happiness goal, I feel _____. When I am not, I feel _______. Therefore, the reason I have my non-happiness goal is because I want to feel ______.

Am I missing something here?