what I need
what I want

all I care about is My own experience.
nothing else matters to Me.

I will take orders from nobody but Myself.
I will make all of My own decisions.
And I will make them with exactly one goal:
increasing My own happiness.

I want My life to be plentiful, beautiful, long.
I want more of things that I like.
I like many things,
material things
pretty things
even people.

I like Myself. I like other people too.
I want to be happy. I want other people to be happy with me.

I can make Myself happier by giving myself what I need, what I want.
I can help other people to be happier by being kind to them.

I will never sacrifice Myself for another.
but I am happier--
happier for Myself,
by My own standard, and nobody else's!
--when I am kind, and generous, to others;
when I fit smoothly into the world;
when my song harmonizes with all of existence's orchestra;

not needy, angry, forceful, clinging
but giving, gentle, friendly, loving...


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