war on almonds

As of September 2007, the USDA requires that almonds sold in the US must be pasteurized to eliminate pathogens. That's right, pasteurized, like what you do to milk.

This evidently happened as a result of a salmonella outbreak which got about 100 Canadians sick.


more health care

A few people have emailed or written comments responding to my "socialized medicine is wrong, wrong, wrong" post. I'll address some of these responses here.


du is slow

The du command always takes forever. Couldn't the filesystem cache size information and lazily bubble it up the tree so that it can report disk usage faster?

factcheck for the debates

If you're watching the ABC debates tonight, you may find it tricky to figure out who's speaking the truth and who's full of it. A great time to check out the nonpartisan site factcheck.org. Oh, and google for "romney timetable" to figure out who's telling the truth there (hint: Romney doesn't speak much truth).


wealth redistribution -- numbers

In a previous post, I talked about a replacement for our current welfare system:

Tax everyone an equal percentage, then redistribute that wealth as an equal dollar amount paid to everyone.

Here are a few numbers to get a perspective on how this might stack up against the current system.

how wealth redistribution can actually work

Working in finance, I've met a bunch of rich people. Absurd amounts of money are made on Wall Street, and the work done for it, while it can be hard work, is certainly not proportionally hard. Many of the (relatively) rich people I know recognize this and are fairly warm to the idea of sharing with others. However, some (including myself) are turned off by the system we have today. Here are some observations as to why the current thing doesn't appeal much and an idea for what might work better.