Risk dice roller and battle simulator

Over the holidays, I went home and spent time with family. We played some games, one of which was Risk. You may recall that this game can get quite slow and tedious when armies and battles get big. Remembering this, I sat down and wrote the javascript risk dice roller and battle simulator. Enjoy!


here we go again

And a fun picture:

ron paul


Ron Paul label

Inspired by the ideas over at www.infiniteronpaul.com (but slightly unimpressed by the implementation--in particular, the pdf wouldn't print), I decided to take a crack at my own label design for the glabels label designer for linux. By the way, if you're not using glabels you're really missing out. Here is a low-res screenshot of it:

who is ron paul label

click here to download the glabels file (for use with Avery 8066 labels)