a real plan for spam

Spam sucks. It especially sucks for me because:

  • I can't punt by using gmail or hosted gmail--I need to host phauna.org email myself for reasons not related to spam.

  • As a bit of an idealist, I like to think I shouldn't have to hide my email address from the world, so it's posted in a number of places around the internet.

Fortunately, there are decent solutions to those willing to spend the effort. I've recently spent the effort, and decided to let the rest of the world know how I did it.

I've divided the report into big-picture theory and the specifics of my implementation on a 64-bit linux gentoo server running exim.


political video night

here's some of what i'm watching on this eve of the elections:

a quick take on the military commissions act of 2006

Michael Badnarik on the Constitution

Debate on the military commissions act

warrantless wiretapping discussion

what's wrong with this picture?

let () =
Arg.parse specl anonfun usage_msg;
match List.rev !anonargs with
| [] -> Arg.usage specl usage_msg; exit 1
| args ->
match !conf with None -> () | Some conf -> do_config conf;
let string = "world" in
printf "hello %s\n%!" string;


Review of Practical OCaml

At work, we're always interested in interesting OCaml developments. This is why we were very excited when a new book on OCaml came out, in english no less! (The O'Reilly OCaml book was originally published in French, but now there's an english translation online). The prospects were great. How did it actually come out, you ask?

Title: Practical OCaml

Author: Joshua B. Smith

Technical Reviewer: Richard Jones, of Merjis
Publisher: Apress, part of the Practical series (which published, notably, Practical Common Lisp)

Pages: 456

Published: 2006