I looove lightning bolt dsl

And here's my review to prove it. I can't decide which I like better, the great customer service, the geeky way Brent sounds when he answers the phone, or the fact that the name reminds me of this sweet larping video.


new jersey stinks.

clean power sun

Literally. It's nasty polluted, and lives up to the reputation as an armpit quite well.

We're trying to do our part, by supporting renewable energy.

The program is surprisingly cheap (last month it cost us an extra $1.21), probably because it's heavily subsidized. Just think how much easier we could breath if everyone in our area used clean energy!


it's alive

All your phauna.org are back up.

I'm moderately confused, but apparently we've got the same IP address after all.

Edit  new IP:


new downtime plan

Because Lightning Bolt dsl is sweet, the new hookup should occur on Monday afternoon. Thusly we will be down Monday (and possibly Sunday evening as well), and back up by Monday evening.

I have just received confirmation that the IP address will permanently change.


upcoming downtime

We're finally out of stinky bar-land. phauna.org will be down, possibly twice, in the coming weeks--starting this weekend. Probable scenario: temporarily move to a friend's network (6mbps symmetric!) for a couple of weeks--this will result in an IP address change, so expect ssh host keys to freak out. Then when the internet finally gets hooked up over here, we'll switch back to the original IP.